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I come by it honestly.

My Mother Veronica was an artist. She always believed in me; not really caring if I extended my drawing skills beyond paper and onto the walls throughout my bedroom. She took the time to pass on her artistic knowledge and skills in a patient and loving manner. She never grew tired of teaching me new art techniques and expanding my horizons.  

From this early foundation, as a creative, artistic and resourceful visionary, I have been helping others realize their dreams.  

I received a B.F.A from the University of Kansas with a major in Graphic Design and Visual Communication with emphasis in Advertising, Publication, Editorial and Visual Communication.  

In one artistic venue after another, I put my talent to work 'illustrating' the ideas and stories of others. I strove to bring a creative, fun and humorous approach to the discipline of artistic design, which is often perceived as regimented and boring. My styles are numerous, and my imagination is infinite.

With my first book of original designs, Mindful Spirals, I am returning to my roots. I am paying forward not only the lessons that my Mother taught me, but also those of all the individuals who influenced my art and my life.  

With Mindful Spirals I invite you to explore your own world of creativity and self-expression. With Mindful Spirals I challenge you to experiment with color. With Mindful Spirals I urge you to give yourself the freedom to express your heart and reflect on the words and verses of encouragement, 

But most of all, it is my sincere desire that the Mindful Spirals series of coloring books will add to your wellbeing through the simple act of coloring.

As an artist and illustrator, I am also available to create custom artwork across many mediums. Please contact me here.

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