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Foundations of Faith - Bible Study Journals


Bible Study & Prayer Journal: 10 Week Bible Study and Devotional, with Scripture Inspired Prayers.

These prayer journal is like no other. These contemplative books can be used as a journal, a devotional, a Bible study for individuals or groups, as a deeper exploration of God’s promises to us in His word, or even as a platform for sermons. These multi-layered journals provide 10 weeks of exploration on a single foundation of faith. 

Each week contains:

  • A Bible Study: A one-page teaching that builds upon itself each week to encourage and strengthen your walk with God and help you to achieve your goal in a deeper way.

  • Guided Prayers: A prayer for each lesson as well as a memory verse, golden nugget and declaration to help you through your journey.

  • Journal Pages with Prompts: Plenty of space on each page to write down what you are thankful for, what you are needing the Holy Spirit’s guidance in, prayer requests, what is on your heart/mind, and questions to ponder.

  • Blessings: A full page dedicated to record your answered prayers and blessings to monitor your growth.

    As you study the holy words in these devotionals, our goal is for you to the hear voice of the Holy Spirit. As you give yourself freedom to express your heart and reflect upon His word in these journals, our goal is for you to discover who you are as a student of the Word. And finally, as you meditate on the words of encouragement and scriptures in these bible studies, our goal is to promote a positive and uplifting atmosphere to surround you.

109 pages , Paperback - $7.99

Coloring Books

I invite you on a voyage of both coloring, thought and journaling to explore your world of creativity, meditation and self-expression. By engaging in all three of these activities, you will allow your mind to not only relax from a stressful day, but enhance your well-being by visual and written meditation. By experimenting with color, you will open up a whole new outlet into your world by seeing your environment as a channel of untapped expression that is waiting to burst open with new life.

Mindful Spirals Scripture Cover.png

Mindful Spirals Scripture: Multi-Devotional Coloring Book - Color, Journal and Contemplate Scripture


As you engage in this multi-layered devotional, ask the Holy Spirit to help you hear His voice through the reading of the scriptures and meditating on one scripture a day and don’t forget to write down your thoughts. As a multi-devotional book each meditation comes with five additional scripture references to inspire you.

56 pages, Paperback - $6.99

  • 25 Spirals to Color

  • 25 Journal pages with a scripture to contemplate as well as five additional scripture references.

Mindful Spirals Mediation Single Cover.p

Mindful Spirals Meditations: Meditative Coloring Book - Color, Journal and Contemplate


As you engage in this multi-layered meditative coloring book, think on the words and listen to what your spirit is telling you about them. Meditate on how each word can apply to your life right now and take some time to journal the thoughts and expressions that they convey. There are no wrong answers in this exercise, so feel free to unleash the hidden treasures there of. You started this journey for a reason, so don’t be bashful to unlock the door that is waiting for you to discover a new you!

56 pages, Paperback - $6.99

  • 25 Spirals to Color

  • 25 Journal pages with questions to contemplate as well as five additional words to inspire you.

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