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Why our approach to coloring is more fun and educational! 


Creating: verb (used with object), to cause to come into being,

as something unique that would not naturally evolve or

that is not made by ordinary processes.


I have always been creative. For as long as I can remember, coloring of any kind, as well as drawing and painting, have been at the center of my life. They provided me with a constant source of expression; a means to act out and experiment; a silence into which I could retreat and rejuvenate, a light that illuminated some of the darkest moments in my life; a whisper that restored my faith and balance. Coloring, painting and drawing are  the passionate expressions of my life.  


Thankfully I was able to blend this passion into my professional life. I found as a teacher, of both children and adults, that students relaxed and were able to retain information as they colored and listened to my class instructions. Using art made learning more fun and less intimidating. Coloring filled the silence and allowed my students to focus, to hear not only me, but themselves as well. Clearly, if the Mozart Effect worked with music and learning, why not the Van Gogh effect with coloring and learning? And so it began. 


In creating these coloring books, my goal is to provide you with a place to create and connect in ways that are as meaningful and unique as you are. It is my vision that these coloring books be not only fun, engaging and educational, but a form of reflection and self-care.  


Color in the lines, write on the lines, but think outside of the lines.

A Word From Our Founder and Chief Creative (aka Fun) Officer 


A coloring book? Absolutely! Everyone can color. Color and creativity are not relegated to only the artistic community.  


Coloring has no rules or absolutes. Anything goes, unlike most of our daily lives. So when we sit down to color, our minds start to relax. This reduces stress and anxiety which is a natural roadblock to the creative process. The coloring aspect of my coloring books helps us to ‘exhale’ the tension of the day and allows us to ‘inhale’ and focus and enjoy the moment.    


Mindful Spirals are unique in that they involve both sides of the brain; the right side of the bran (the creative side) and the left side of the brain (reasoning and logic). By engaging both hemispheres of the brain, it allows you to develop the creativity that exists in both the artistic and intellectual aspects of our daily lives. This union brings you into harmony and balance.    


Lines for fun and discovery.

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